I know that some people would find it very difficult slotting in to different offices and work situations, meeting new people and at other times working at home alone, but after many years in a bank I positively thrive on the constant changes.  I hope this shows in my work.

Over my years as a temp with Southwest Business Services (August 2002-December 2009), and subsequently on a freelance basis, I have built up a reputation for reliability, adaptability and accuracy and clients have frequently requested me to return when I’ve worked with them previously.  I have gained much experience of secretarial and admin work and can offer the following services:-

  • Accurate typing (copy and audio) and filing.
  • General customer service, reception work and telephone answering.
  • Creating and working with tables in Microsoft Word.
  • Creating and working with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (Learn Direct Certificate in Excel’97 gained through Southwest Business Services in 2004).
  • Working with a number of other computer packages specific to individual employers, e.g., surveyors, solicitors, financial advisers.
  • Updating information on existing databases in Microsoft and other computer packages.
  • Sending and receiving emails through Outlook and Google Chrome.
  • Using the internet for research.
  • Basic book-keeping and dealing with outgoing and incoming invoices and preparing cheques.  (I have a basic book-keeping qualification, gained via correspondence course in 1999.)
  • Taking minutes at meetings via speedwriting and transcribing the notes.
  • Contacting participants to arrange dates for meetings, booking venues, confirming availability of speakers and arranging catering if required.
  • Taking bookings and arranging events for clients.
  • Proof reading.
  • The only limitations to work I can do are Payroll and VAT returns, as I have no experience in these areas.
  • I have a good home office set up, with PC, multi-purpose printer and headset for audio, all new as at 2016.  I have the ability to communicate via Skype calls and messages, so that I can do virtual work if required.
  • If you have an expanding or new business and don’t have quite enough work to justify employing a permanent member of staff, I could help out on an ad-hoc basis when there is a need.
  • I can cover for holidays, illness and maternity leave absences, or for one-off projects where an extra pair of hands are required. Hours are negotiable, to suit your needs.
  • I can travel to premises within a radius of approximately 30 miles from Dumfries.  I am willing to attend your premises before the start of any job if I will need training in your working systems.
  • I am also available to work in Carlisle, as long as your premises are within a 30-minute walk of Carlisle railway station.
  • I can work at your premises, take work home, or do virtual work as required.  My background in banking means that I understand the need for confidentiality.
  • Personality-wise, you are getting someone who is perceived as quiet and hard-working, not without a sense of humour, but don’t mess with me!  I am a very honest, reliable person with strong principles and expect the same standards from anyone I am working with.  Any form of deceit and dishonesty, including lying by omission, are deal-breakers for me.

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